Weekly Bunch of Interesting Stuff #1

I am starting a new weekly roundup of things I found interesting in that week. This will cover a variety of topics that have caught my eye and are worth taking note of.


A small box packed with goodies.

The newest thing on the list is the Twine 1 an interesting Kickstarter project by the duo who call themselves the Supermechanical. The Twine 1 is a small 2.5 inch square gadget with embedded motion and temperature sensors and the ability to connect external sensors. The neat thing about it is that it can connect to the internet via Wi-FI and give feedback from the sensors. It can be programmed by any layman via a GUI. More about the project here.


Image credit: http://cfile10.uf.tistory.com/image/142543444EC73C100C22B6

Pocket-lint pays a tribute to David Lewis, chief designer at Bang&Olufsen who has passed away on Novembet 8, 2011.


A full shelf of books.

Delicious Monster is a software company which developed the Delicious Library 2, a software for cataloguing everything you own. It is very intuitive and useful. I use it for cataloguing my books. The process is so simple. Just point the book’s ISBN barcode at the iSight camera on your Mac device and it will automatically scan it and fetch the information from Amazon. This includes the cover art, dimensions, title, author and many more information. The free version is full-featued with a limit on the number of items you can scan an catalogue – when you reach the limit you will have to buy a license if you want to add more stuff. Try it yourself. You can also find it in the AppStore.





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