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  • Client: Ledeni Čajček

    Client: Ledeni Čajček

    If you remember earlier I wrote about how to score a business on Twitter. There I wrote how I got into a business conversation with Zisha, a web tea store based on my tea packaging prototype. Well here is the result of that deal. It was a bit of a rush job but I think that given…

  • Deshi, a tea packaging prototype

    Deshi, a tea packaging prototype

    OK, so I’ve slacked again in the blogging department, sorry. I have a good reason though – my final exam for the Packaging Design course at the faculty. The results of my work are down below but don’t go rushing on just yet. The concept was created for an imaginary brand called Deshi. Deshi is a…

  • The Spider Web

    The Spider Web

  • Save the forests, be responsible

    Save the forests, be responsible

    This is a set of four posters which were made for the Artistic Analisys of Graphic Works class I am taking in college with my schoolmate Laura Češarek who is the co-author. They’re in slovene and I did not have time to traslate them properly. If the need for translation arises I will take my…