Deshi, a tea packaging prototype

OK, so I’ve slacked again in the blogging department, sorry. I have a good reason though – my final exam for the Packaging Design course at the faculty. The results of my work are down below but don’t go rushing on just yet.

The concept was created for an imaginary brand called Deshi. Deshi is a word for the tea ceremony master’s apprentice. I thought the name was appropriate because that is what the vast majority of us tea drinkers are. We are nowhere near the masters but apprentices we could be.

The packaging itself is based on a aluminum cylindrical container with a removable lid. Because of the sharp and cold feel of the container I decided to add a soft element to enhance the feel of the container. To do this I decided to add a cotton tag that you might find on the inside of a t-shirt. To do this I first needed to figure out how to trick my inkjet printer to print on cotton. After the first experiments I nailed it.



With that sorted it was time to start working on the design of the container label. The design was done somewhat typically but with minimalism. I hid some of the information on the bottom of the container (general precautions, bar code and so on). Some of the information was put on the inside of the lid. The cotton tag contains the brand name on one side side and the name of the tea with brewing time and required water temperature on the other side.

Because I felt I needed to provide more information but did not want to add more text I decided that this was the perfect time to use a QR code. I designed a label that insured thatthe container was not tampered with and added the QR code to it. The prototype code points to my homepage ( because I did not set up a web page due to time constrains.

Also included in the container (besides the tea leaves) is a wooden “spoon” called “vevnica”. Its lager counterpart is usually used for scooping flour out of flour bags. If I am not mistaken it is actually known as the flour scoop (I am not a native English speaker). Anyway the vevnica my friend Laura sourced for me is made for cherry wood which gives it a bit more class and a nicer, red-brown color.

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That about sums it up, I guess. Enjoy the gallery of images.





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