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  • Sneak peek #1

    Sneak peek #1

    This is a sneak peek at a webpage project that might or might not see the light of the day. Note the recolored eco vectors from Vecteezy and the slightly modified Nivo slider.

  • An architect in webdesign

    An architect in webdesign

    So this architect sends in a webpage design made in CMYK and measured in milimeters. This comes to mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbmxqfGkg1Q

  • Taking a break – the most important step in the design process.

    Taking a break – the most important step in the design process.

    Taking a break – the most important step in the design process.

  • Ščurek Wines

    Ščurek Wines

    This is a part of an assignment for a Packaging Design course I’m taking at the faculty. The idea was to take an existing packaging and redesign it in a way to make it more modern, different and fresh while trying to avoid the cliches that rule the particular product packaging. I was working on this…

  • Client: Vrtec Trbovlje

    Client: Vrtec Trbovlje

    This time I teamed up with Jernej from Web Studio Inframe and together we revamped an old webpage of a kindergarten from Trbovlje (Slovenija – EU). I worked on the design, and wrote the basic HTML and CSS for structure and design itself. Jernej took care of the programming and other technical things. The design was focused on…

  • Pin my content

    Pin my content

    So, like all the cool kids I decided to get myself a Pinterest account and integrate Pinterest to my website. As a result you can see that you can now pin my articles to your Pinterest Boards. You will find the “Pin It” button at the bottom of any post next to the usual social…

  • Targaryen font sampler on exhibition

    Targaryen font sampler on exhibition

    My font sampler is currently on exhibition on the second floor of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Depatement of Textiles. There are two versions because I had to make another one that fitted the general guidelines of that Typography class where the font was made. The red one is on exhibition as well…

  • Client: Optiprint

    Client: Optiprint

    This is a 2 meter high rollup poster I made for a printer rental company Optiprint d. o. o. based in Slovenia. Not much to say about the project. I received the data they wanted on the rollup, the logo and instructions that they want it “colorfull” since they deal in low-cost color office printing…

  • Getting started with the Arduino

    Getting started with the Arduino

    This year I got a special surprise for my birthday. I was itching to buy myself an Arduino starter kit and start tinkering with some DIY projects for some time now. My girlfriend knew that and organised a bit of a whip-round amongst my friends and they all bought me that Arduino starter kit. After…