Thinking about rain

I don’t care much for summer. There, it’s out and I won’t deny it. On the other hand I really enjoy rainy days. There is nothing like a storm to boost my productivity. I don’t know what exactly it is that makes me productive during a rainy day but I bet it has something to do with the moisture in the air, the pleasant temperature and the steady humdrum of the rain outside.

I really miss it, the rain. We’re having some dog days here where I live at the moment. It’s OK, that’s something normal this time of the year and I’m not complaining (much) since that would be pointless (last time I checked only Jesus had some say in the weather department). Instead I’ll just try to get in touch with the feelings I get during rainy days.

Rain is a melody

I like listening to the rain. It has a certain melody to it. If the rain is steady you can start picking up patterns in the sounds it produces. The steady trickle of water from the house roof, the light drumming of the raindrops on the sheet of plastic cover pulled over stacks of wood under the window. It has a ring, a melody and a rhythm. I like that, I like detecting patterns, I like it if things are mathematically correct. Patterns, repeating, consistency. That’s the thing for me. Not to mention the special sound and light effects we get during thunderstorm. Priceless. No entertainment system gets even close to the real thing.

Rain is fresh

A no brainier I guess. Rain is water, water is a synonym for fresh, clear, cool and alive and that’s exactly how I feel when it rains. I feel refreshed and alive. I feel like I could do anything. My creativity goes through the roof and ideas begin to pop up in my mind just like that. Fresh is good, I need it.

Mud everywhere

OK, this one is not that pleasant. If you live in the city you might not even realize this but here in the (for the lack of a better word) countryside it’s hard to avoid stepping in one kind of mud or another when the rain comes. Not at first, sure, but if the rain stays for a couple of days you’re bound to get lots and lots of mud. I hear some ladies like putting mud on their faces or even entire bodies. If that’s the case this might be just short of paradise.

Rains slows down life

I’m not talking about drowning here or anything. I’m just saying that people tend to take it easy during rainy days. Some people get cranky but that’s their problem. Other people only seem to chill down a bit. It’s a good thing. There’s no rushing about, no quick or harsh reactions. Life just kicks it into low gear and everything seems to work better. We rush too much in our lives. I like to take it easy. Creativity can’t be rushed. If you have a creative block you simply cannot ram it head on in the hope that somehow it’ll let go. I won’t. Slow down, take a break and start over. It works and the rain helps.

Singing in the rain

Music makes a great companion in the rain. Put some smooth jazz on. Find some slow funky sax music and imagine yourself in a film-noir. Alternatively you could put on your fedora and sing like Gene Kelly did. It’s fun and fun is good for you.

In conclusion

This is a free flow of my thoughts reminiscing about the rainy days. I miss them and I need them. Good things come to those that wait so I’ll just wait a bit more. There’s bound to be some rain ahead of us sooner or later (though I’d prefer sooner if I may).

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