Happy Towel Day

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything. I have good reasons so, please excuse me. Regardless I wanted to take a moment of my time and say a few words to those who celebrate this glorious day.

This year The International Towel Day is a little bit more special. Why? A simple calculation gives the reason. So today is May 25th 2012. Let’s add the numbers together: 5 (May) + 25 (day) + 12 (year) = 42! Yes, that’s right forty two! So that’s an added bonus guys, keep that in mid.

Anyways, keep celebrating in the memory of the great Douglas Adams, spread the towel love and remember: “Don’t panic.” I always have a feeling that Douglas is watching us from above whispering those words to each and every man who wears a towel on this day. Whether you believe this to be the truth or not is up to you but in any case the answer is simple: 42. Happy celebrating.

p.s.: If you want to see an embarrassing picture of me with a towel trying to convey the message of 42 click after the break. It may not be the prettiest sight but it is from the heart.

Vesel dan brisace se z moje strani. In ne pozabire: 42! #towe... on Twitpic





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